Whole Foods Market is differentiating its shopper experience by opening dedicated stores-within-a-store in partnership with mission-based brand Pacha Soap Co.

In May, the third Pacha store-within-a-Whole Foods opened at the grocer’s Lakeview location in Chicago. The timing coincided with Mother’s Day weekend and the partners tied in to the occasion by staging an in-store event inviting shoppers to paint “froth bombs” to give as gifts.

Pacha, whose staff handled the event with assistance from Whole Foods, plans to stage such experiential events in the stores with its boutiques at least once every quarter, Pacha chief marketing officer Todd First told P2PI.

“We can do certain events in those stores that we may not be able to execute in a traditional chainwide event,” First said. As an extension of its company mission, Pacha also plans on using those stores as bases for community outreach involving supplying soap to people in need and partnering with local organizations.

Pacha slates a portion of profits to helping developing countries build water wells and educate children on sanitation. It also helps them set up small-scale soap shops, working directly with farmers who grow and produce the essential oils used in its soaps. The result is product comprising organic, fair-trade and environmentally sustainable ingredients that are used to create unique scents such as “pipe tobacco & coffee” and “dirty hippie.”

The company has been a Whole Foods supplier since 2014 when it benefitted from Whole Foods’ local producer loan program to launch a new liquid soap line exclusively at the grocer. In 2018, Whole Foods recognized Pacha as a global supplier of the year for pioneering experiential, natural bath and body care, and exceeding goals for growth by delivering an innovative assortment of products to the retailer’s shoppers.

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