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The Zen of Slow Cooking

How Meg Barnhart’s quest to slow down a frantic world led to a unique business that’s all about helping people /// By Neil Zevnik

Let’s face it: we live in a hurry-up, giveit-to-me-right-now kind of world these days. From business to pleasure, at home or at work, quickness and convenience have become desirable commodities. The days of leisurely anything seem to have become relics of a rapidly disappearing and little-mourned past. This is especially true in the realm of food. Gone are the days of carefully planned and executed family meals, afternoons spent in the kitchen presiding over bubbling and steaming pots and pans, and evenings taken up with long dinners filled with earnest and inviting conversation. “Fast food” has come to rule the countryside.

The People

Meg Barnhart was caught up in this breakneck world while raising three kids and working in hospitality and event management—and experiencing a bit of “mom guilt.” She remembered the dinners of her childhood, with her mother spending half the day preparing special offerings followed by candlelit meals that brought the family together. Barnhart was determined to find her own way to replicate that experience, and began to experiment with a slow cooker; ingredients went into the cooker in the morning, and a splendid dinner was available that evening. The process gave her a certain measure of relief, and more time to devote to her family.

The Passion

Some years later, Barnhart was looking to create a business that would provide employment for her developmentally challenged son and others like him. “A friend asked me one simple question, ‘What makes you happy?’ I laughed and said I’m having fun with my slow-cooking journey, and she said, ‘Do that!’” Shortly thereafter, Barnhart was introduced to Jane McKay, another mom who, at the time, was developing recipes and writing about food. It was the proverbial “match made in heaven,” and they teamed up to explore the possibilities.


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