The Dream of the 90’s is Alive — Slice Is Coming Back!

Just when 90’s nostalgia looked like it might be hitting its peak, another blast from the past arrives.

Slice, a fruit-flavored soda formerly manufactured by PepsiCo, is being relaunched as a low-calorie soft drink sweetened with fruit juice, according to a report in The Chicago Tribune. The Slice trademark was acquired by Chicago-based entrepreneur Mark Thomann via his companies Dormitus Brands and Spiral Sun Ventures after he successfully argued that PepsiCo had abandoned the brand. The product will be developed through a new firm called New Slice Ventures.

According to the Tribune, Thomann plans to launch the brand with several flavors, including grapefruit, berry, and lemon-lime. He hopes the brand will grow to a point where he can sell it back to big soda, ideally sparking “a bidding war,” according to his business partner and attorney Joe Gioconda.

Acquiring abandoned trademarks is another day in the office for Thomann and Gioconda. The pair have scooped up defunct names such as audio equipment brand Aiwa, video game brand Coleco, and even Anheuser-Busch’s classic bull terrier advertising mascot Spuds Mackenzie — the latter of which they plan to use to sell dog treats under the name Spuds Ventures.

“People remember the brand, but they don’t always remember the specifics,” Thomann told the Tribune. “It’s sort of like clay that you can mold how you want.”

Nasdaq Delists Long Island Iced Tea Maker After Blockchain Pivot

Long Blockchain Corp., formerly known as Long Island Iced Tea Corp., has been delistedfrom the Nasdaq Stock Market after the exchange claimed the company has misled investors in an attempt to take advantage of “general investor interest in bitcoin and blockchain technology.”

The iced tea maker saw its stock rise by more than 500 percent in December after it announced it would pivot towards developing blockchain technology, had purchased bitcoin mining rigs, and changed its name to Long Blockchain Corp. The curious move raised eyebrows from investors and pundits, with some likening the gold rush for blockchain-related investments to the “dot com” bubble of the early 2000’s.

In January, Seeking Alpha noted that prior to its blockchain rebrand, Long Island Iced Tea Corp. had received a warning from Nasdaq that it needed to increase its market value above $35 million for 10 business days in a row or risk delistment.

Long Blockchain Corp. has denounced the decision by Nasdaq and has appealed the decision.

“The notification letter stated that the staff believed that the company made a series of public statements designed to mislead investors and to take advantage of general investor interest in bitcoin and blockchain technology, thereby raising concerns about the company’s suitability for exchange listing,” the company said in a filing.

Last week, Long Blockchain announced a plan to separate its iced tea business from its new blockchain focus, announcing Shamyl Malik as CEO of its beverage subsidiary.


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