Mission-based company that makes beautiful, natural, hand-cut soaps and donates an equal amount of money to third-world counties to help them manufacture their own soap products.


Handcrafted salads and snacks sold through kiosks made from reclaimed wood in multiple locations throughout Chicagoland.  Mission is to make healthy, fresh food accessible to a lot of people.


An all-natural, coconut water based, hydration beverage in six great flavors created by the head trainer of the Chicago Blackhawks.


All natural, healthful, hot and cold soups that can be enjoyed separately or as a daily cleanse.  Created by Alison Velazquez, author of “Souping”.


Tea infused energy snacks made with natural ingredients including small-batch organic tea.


Kishr™ tea is made with the fruity outer layer of the coffee cherry which surrounds the coffee bean.


TempoBev offers a flavorful and fun alternative to unhealthy soft drinks and sweetened teas consumed out of convenience. TempoBev hopes to encourage you to break free from the habitual soft drink purchase and take another step forward towards a healthier lifestyle.


Inspired by the orchards of Southwest Michigan, Fruitbelt is a tart soda made from pressed apples and other varietals, organic honey and bitters that give it a lush, tart-sweet taste that’s easy to love.

Element [Shrub]

Hand crafted shrubs & shrub sodas made with apple cider vinegar for mocktails, cocktails & cooking.

Lil Gourmets


Lil’ Gourmets is a unique baby food company that creates flavorful, nutritious, organic meals designed to expand a child’s palate and teach them that vegetables are yummy.


Bizzy Coffee

Bizzy is a shelf-stable, single-serve, organic coffee shot crafted for busy people. Available in 3 flavors: original, vanilla and caramel, the coffee shots contain only coffee, water and natural flavorings. There’s no sugar, no calories and no preservatives.  Excellent for people on the go. Bizzy can be enjoyed as a shot, or added to water for a regular, delicious cup of coffee.

The Zen of Slow Cooking

Founded by two busy moms, Zen makes wonderful, single use slow cooker spice blends that are crafted in small batches and packaged with care. Zen is a for-profit company with a social mission to help adults with developmental challenges find independence in life through slow cooking and meaningful work.

Slice Natural

Dormitus and Spiral Sun Ventures are relaunching the Slice Soda brand as a better for you all natural soda later this year. You may remember Slice as a line of fruit-flavored soft drinks that were introduced in 1984 and discontinued in the late 2000s.

10th Avenue Tea

10th Avenue Tea is an instant Macha tea powder in a convenient portable shaker. Sprinkle some into a cup of hot or cold water to make a fast, delicious, healthful beverage.