20Feb 2018

JESSICA FECTEAU February 14, 2018 02:15 PM Get ready to feel the nostalgia! Slice soda is officially making a comeback, causing all children of the 80s and 90s to rejoice at the thought of the sugar-filled cans of sweetness. According to the Chicago Tribune, entrepreneur Mark Thomann is the man to thank for obtaining the trademark […]

15Feb 2018

Bill and Wendy sit down with Chicago entrepreneur Mark Thomann. Mark has just bought up the trademark rights to Slice and plans on relaunching the classic soda band as a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative. In this interview, Mark talks about why he chose to resurrect Slice, the business of rebranding, and much more. Listen to the full audio here […]

13Feb 2018

The reincarnated version of the ’90s favorite will be low calorie and flavored with fruit juice. ELISABETH SHERMAN February 13, 2018 Nineties kids will likely remember Slice, the once-popular orange soda that eventually faded away and got discontinued. In the age of reboots, however—from classic Pepsi commercials to Fuller House and Gilmore Girls—Slice is also getting a chance at its comeback. A Chicago-based entrepreneur […]

23Jan 2018

by Bob Benenson, FamilyFarmed The Good Food movement has gained major ground in recent years, driven by fast-rising consumer demand for better and healthier products. One tangible proof of that is in the growing community of investors who are helping Good Food companies start up and grow. One such company is Chicago’s Spiral Sun Ventures, whose tag […]

22Jan 2018

Courtesy of Jordan Buckner Jordan Buckner, 29 Founder, TeaSquares A native of Chicago’s South Side, Buckner launched TeaSquares in 2016 as a healthy snack alternative with naturally-occurring caffeine from its main ingredient: whole leaf, organic tea. Its three flavors- Acai Blueberry, Citrus Green Tea Matcha and Vanilla Chai – are now sold at Whole Foods.

18Jan 2018

Photo by Manuel Martinez Luke Saunders of Farmer’s Fridge After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis in 2009, Luke Saunders took a sales job with a metal finishings business. Soon, he was logging 1,000 miles a week across Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky—and relying on extreme measures to avoid the McDonald’s-KFC-Taco Bell circuit. “I scheduled […]